Setting Goals – Exercise

I have always been one to keep my body in the best physical shape it could possibly be, lately aging has considerably dampened my fitness lifestyle. With aging comes a whole realm of issues, number one on my list is pain, and not the good kind. My body aches daily from the stresses I once put it through. I cannot even begin to explain how some days it is an effort just to get out of bed in the morning. Number two, Muscle Loss. My muscles and strength is deteriorating!

Sir leaves me a chores list to get me moving everyday and insists I walk an hour a day weather permitting. Last night he put my Pole back up in the spare room upstairs. I was at one time damn good at whipping my body upside down, I was obsessed with anything to have my body aerial. Sir decided he is going to get my feet back up in the air, but when you haven’t worked out in a long time, it will take a bit of work and dedication. He gave me 2 weeks to hold my body weight up on the pole, and that does not mean a simple climb and sit. That much I can still do, Thankfully! If I do not practice and achieve 20 seconds I am looking at a Punishment, so I am thinking 20 seconds is not all that bad, right?

Sir told me to set a goal, mine is a simple leg hang in 30 days, much like this picture from a photoshoot a few years ago.  Hopefully I can invert again by then!


All is Well

Sir was feeling much better this morning, his body wasn’t hot to the touch. He sweated it out last night, I applied cool compresses to his forehead every few hours. I felt relieved, his feeling feverish concerned me, always the thought of a possible infection as he was coughing phlegm up throughout the night.

When Sir awakened and went into the shower I felt somewhat apprehensive about him going into work, but ultimately it’s his decision. When he came back into our bed and straddled my face, his cock and balls rubbing my lips, i licked him and took his head into my mouth. His legs pinned my arms to my side, i could not move with his weight resting on my chest. He tasted clean, and smelled of soap. He swelled quickly, thrusting his hardened erect cock in my mouth and down my throat. He thrusted back and forth, pulling out to let me kiss and suckle his balls with my tongue every so often.

He preceded to climb off me and forced me onto my knees next to the bed between his legs. My tongue swirled around his cockhead, he pulled my hair and shoved himself down my throat, me gagging and trying to relax my reflexes and breath. He told me not to move as he pulsated and released deep in my mouth. He tasted a mixture of salt and sweetness, he moaned, his thrusting slowed down as he held my head still.

I was grateful he was feeling better and able to gift me with his cum, I thanked him and made him a quick breakfast to go, he had hardly eaten anything yesterday. He left for work and I felt alone, I liked caring for him all day and night, I felt purpose, I will miss him today.

red 021

Sir’s Sick Day


When men are sick, it’s been said they are worse than children. To quote my friend, “they become an overgrown Man-Child.” Sir is no different, he wants me by his side at all times, even when he is laying in bed all day. I don’t have any daily scheduling demands, I am more than happy to rub his back, feed him homemade chicken soup, make a cup of tea, or just sit next to him quietly reading a book listening to him sleep.

Yesterday Sir wanted me to attend to him wearing a nursemaid outfit and nothing on underneath but nipple clamps, and red stilettos of course. I wore the shirt unbuttoned low for my cleavage to hang out for his little fantasy and visual pleasure. The fabric rubbing against my nipples with the sensation of the clamps kept me more than aroused throughout the day. Every now and then he would tug on the chain of the clamps, take them off for a bit to let the pain (in my case pleasure) set in when the blood flow returned, and back on they went.

After dinner Sir asked me to lay next to him naked, he was chilly from a low grade fever and just wanted the warmth of my body next to his. After awhile he took the clamps off and cupped my breasts in his hands making circular motions around my areola’s with his forefingers as he spooned me in bed. My nipples were sensitized and tender when he brushed over them lightly with his fingers, sending tingling waves down my body. I never experienced a nipple orgasm and was pleasantly surprised by the reaction of my body without other stimulation.

As I lay in his arms, I felt such satisfaction and completeness in my submission. I couldn’t help but feel content, being next to Sir is where I have always been destined to be.

red 002

Internet Service Dude….con’t

After Sir had me serve the Internet Service Guy his large glass of white wine, Sir told me to kneel hands up on my knees ready to serve them both when required. We already knew I was not into other men, nor did he want me to be, however I am an exhibitionist and promised him discretely I would go with his demands.

Sir and Internet guy, NKA Internet Dude, talked DD and my servitude to Sir was in no way to serve him (Internet Dude) unless Sir directed me to. While they also talked mindless job shit, pensions, and retirement, I knelt quietly sticking my hard erect nipples out for display, head and eyes down.

Sir pointed to their wine glasses which were nearly empty,  I immediately retrieved them and refilled, bowing before each men, and serving their glass. Internet Dude asked Sir if I was actually his slave, Sir stated I Was Not, it was a mutual decision that I submit to him as my husband. Sir also invited Internet Dude to witness my punishment but he was not to partake in it under any circumstance, my punishment was for opening the door to allow a stranger into our home without Sir’s implicit instruction.

I was told to fetch the belt and ask for my discipline. Internet Dude’s eyes widened when I returned with Sir’s leather belt, knelt and presented it to Sir. I asked Sir to please spank me for my indiscretions. Sir told me to go to the wall, spread my legs, bend at my waist, my arms outstretched, facing the wall with my palms flat on it as I presented my Ass to him, Master’s Property still firmly in my butthole. He told me to count to 25, no warmup, full force. I braced myself for the first strike, it hurt hard. One Sir, Thank you. The next strike, Two Sir, Thank you. Sir told me not to loose that buttplug or I would receive an additional 25 spanks, By the time we got to Ten I was already a crying mess and cringing with every hit. I still had 15 more to go. I felt myself go numb, the only way I could endure this punishment. I yelled Yellow at 20, i needed to take a moment and breathe, Sir rubbed and caressed my ass, my muscles ached badly holding onto that buttplug tightly. My ass was already red from my previous spanking, now swollen, bruised  and welted. He asked if i wanted to continue, Yes Sir, please. Only five more, they were fast and furious. I collapsed into his arms, he held me tight as i sobbed and clung to him.

Internet Dude was gone, Sir said he quietly left when I yelled Yellow with a big cum filled wet-spot in his pants.

Internet Service Change

Today we are changing service from a not so great one back to our former service we used for many years, You Pay For What You Get! Anyways, Sir is home today, I feel uncomfortable with strange people in my home, always have before TTWD. Being an installation man was coming, i was allowed to wear street clothes inside our home, but still sans underwear, which was a white racerback tank, capri yoga pants, and of course Master’s Property Butt Plug.

Sir was taking a nap, he has a headcold today, and the doorbell rang. I am under strict orders to never open the door, I ran up the stairs to get Sir but he was fast asleep. I hesitated but proceeded downstairs to open the door, Yes i know, i know, a punishment spanking is well deserved and will be applied. It has been pouring rain outside today, I invite him in before I go back and wake up Sir.

For some reason, maybe ignorance on my part, I am not computer literate or electronically inclined. 5G service seemed to be an issue from my humbling understanding for this install. Installation guy kept going to his van, phoning his supervisor, so we left the front door unlocked for him to reenter our home which he did numerous times. After a few hrs, we now needed to get the internet service onto our handheld devices, such as my Iphone and Ipad. Sir told him to check my service on my Ipad, he turns it on and my WP Blog appears. He acted very casually like he did not notice, glancing at me and I lowered my eyes, him asking me where my Settings were located.

After he corrected that issue he stated he would be out front if we needed additional help while he closed our service account. Sir instructed me to change my clothing to household rules and fetch him his wine. As i knelt before him nude offering him his glass the front door opens and there stood the installation guy. Sir didn’t hesitate a moment, he motioned for me to get down in position, ass out Master’s Property on display as he told the guy, “Well sit and make yourself comfortable, I will have my Mrs. fetch you a class of wine, what do you prefer Red or White?”

To be continued…..

Sunday Maintenance

Tonight Sir and I grabbed a light dinner, it’s our monthly shopping at Costco. Yea I know, mundane chores, but we must Eat to keep up our strength up for all the sex. Besides I wanted to hear details on his date last night. I already knew she is the same age as our youngest child, long black wavy hair, spanish/italian european heritage with big brown eyes, large full breasts. He is taken with her, that much I can gather. All he said was he had a wonderful evening, let’s leave it at that. Hmmmm…..

I know when he is ready to share he will, he is not the kind of person who will relate intimate details, and for that I respect him. He does radiate a glow about him today I have not seen in awhile and said he will see her again soon, that’s about all the detail I was getting this evening.

When we returned home, he said to prepare for Maintenance and pick an implement of my own choosing. I’ve never been asked this before, so I chose a paddle that doesn’t hurt all that much. I stripped and knelt at his knees, he told me to rub cream onto his feet. I hurried and got the cream, and massaged each foot just as the salon does, rubbing, massaging, rubbing.

When done he told me to kiss and massage his balls. I positioned myself to do so using my tongue just the way he likes it. He stroked my hair at first then told me to lay across the arm of the couch, ass up, legs spread wide. He retrieved the paddle i picked but also a heavy wooden spatula. He told me because I was good, the paddle was appropriate for 50 hits on my ass, but because I went lenient on myself, the spatula was an additional 50.

Well, by the time I counted 100 spanks, my ass was red and raw. I thanked Sir in-between every hit and told him i loved him. I then knelt before him, hands behind my back worshipping his cock for a long while. He exploded in the back of my throat that I didn’t need to swallow, his cum just shot and pulsated down. I licked his aftercum and stroked his cock and balls until he was dry.

He told me to go to bed, he had one phone call to make before he joined me, i assume a goodnight to his new GF.

Sirs Date Night

We have a polymorous relationship, I encourage Sir to date. He has never been monogamous from early on in our marriage which caused me stress and heartache at the time. After much soul searching and counceling on my insecurities, I knew I loved him, this is who he is, I was not going to change him, and I didn’t want a divorce. This was before I realized and accepted my own bisexuality, opening up our marriage was just Sir’s good fortune, lol.

I still cannot determine his type, there is no rhyme or reason, younger or older, thinner or plumper, race is unimportant, he just enjoys being with women. In my suspicions I think his ultimate preference is Redheads, although he says all women need attention and loving.

He doesn’t date as much as he used to, things have slowed down more as we have gotten older. Yesterday I had an event I needed to attend and was not home when Sir left for his date. I knew from him it would be a dinner in the city with someone he’s been talking with for awhile, he met her while working although not a colleague of his. She is aware he is married and is intrigued I let my husband date, which I confirmed with her it was totally acceptable.

When I arrived home, a dozen red roses for me were on the dining table with a note, “Don’t wait up, I love you”. Of course I stayed up as long as possible before succumbing to sleep. I awoke early this morning to him climbing in bed next to me pulling me close to him. I nuzzled into his embrace, he smelt of sex and the faint smell of perfume. I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.