Being Happy

Saturday evening on our getaway weekend was not full of kink, but intimate lovemaking. It started out just a quiet evening, candles lit, bbq, wine, and talking. He said he was relieved I told him I was happy this morning, he said how much he loved me and how I fulfill him in a way no-one else could. He said if i told him I was unhappy, we could stop our D/s relationship if that was what I wanted and needed. I reassured him I am where I wanted to be and if he remembered correctly, I introduced this into our lives. We ended up cuddling, touching, and just reconnecting in a way we haven’t been lately, it was just romantic and nice.

I lay in his arms after our lovemaking and thought how amazed I am at the stamina Sir has, lets face it we’ve been together many years and we aren’t getting any younger. His sexual desires are that of a young man, it’s very rare he doesn’t have some kind of daily sexual activity with me, but he also is sexually active outside our marriage.

I wondered about this other woman, curious as he never speaks of their relationship. I have spoke to her on the phone, but other than that I have not had any interaction with her. His demeanor is changed these days, perhaps he has feelings for her. I didn’t want to bring it up on our weekend, but I would like to meet her if she agrees to it.

I fell asleep soon after snuggled in his arms.


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NSFW Married Submissive finding myself a little later in life.

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