A bit of an absence

I’ve not logged on in months, i apologize, so many personal issues have erupted in our lives and finding the time to sit down to blog was the furthest thing from my mind.

One is health, nothing is life threatening, but in this case both are serious concerns. One is mine and another a family member, both requiring major surgeries and recoveries. We’ll persevere, we are strong, it’s just so damn draining not only physically but emotionally.

Another is Sir’s and my relationship, TTWD has also been put on the back burner for obvious reasons and it hurts me to not be available 24/7 in the capacity he is accustomed to and needs. He never complains, he still has his weekend tryst, it’s just a different life these days.

We are planning a quick weekend away for a few days before things get real hectic in our lives, I am hoping we reconnect even if for a few short days. I long for not only his touch, but a gentle swat on the ass wouldn’t hurt me either.

I hope to check in every now and then, i enjoy reading everyone’s blogs, it keeps things in my life real.


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NSFW Married Submissive finding myself a little later in life.

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