I decided to surprise Sir tonight before our little retreat with a greet at the door on his return from His weekend tryst. It’s been a few months since i’ve been there with glass of wine in hand and a simple dinner prepared. I even managed to put some lipstick on and freshen up my hair. Unfortunately I couldn’t maneuver being on my knees but the look on his face as he entered was one of genuine surprise as he smiled and took the glass from my hand.

He was pleased I was up off the recliner, that i was actually trying although there was no need to accommodate him in any way. I assured him it was as much for me as i wanted for him, I need to be and feel me again, even if for a very short while. I need “our” normalcy, whatever that may be because life lately has really been sucky to say the least.

We enjoyed dinner and spoke, I asked him if he could please consider a “light” discipline, as it was our contracted Sunday Maintenance Night. He immediately refused, not wanting to hurt me in anyway. I explained I very much needed the tension release. After much thought and begging on my part, he agreed as long as it was lightly with hand and no more than 10 swats if I could handle it.

I was able to prop myself over the arm of the chair with the help of some pillows and received my “light” Maintenance, each hand swat hesitating between every “light” tap. My butt didn’t even get the slightest bit of a pink hue.

So, In all honestly I didn’t feel a thing and didn’t want to push my luck and relate my disappointment. I have thought of packing an implement in the suitcase this coming weekend and omitting “light” from any form of Maintenance while presenting my case, but at the same time I don’t want to be sneaky in doing so.






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NSFW Married Submissive finding myself a little later in life.

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