Out of Sight Out of Mind

Sir and I went over our Contract and went out to have a late dinner to discuss not only my transgressions these last few weeks but the necessary changes to be made. First on the list to discuss; Sir wants to me to call him Master at all times in our privacy, I am to refer to him as Sir in Public unless otherwise told and by his given name in front of Friends and Family who are unaware of our lifestyle. This is acceptable and agreed upon.

My 1950’s Lifestyle has gone by the wayside while I’ve been alone, I’ve used the conveniences of our little utility apartment and neglected my contractual duties. I’ve also neglected to change out of my outside clothing upon returning home in the evening, in addition to purchasing unnecessary fast food meals on my way home to avoid cooking, and that is certainly unhealthy. This is not only costly but certainly not within my allotted daily budget. I became lazy in all aspects of my life, I was tired and cranky.  I didn’t find the time to exercise nor did I masturbate as I should have. I made no time for reading or journaling. I lost interest in everything and it didn’t take long at all to fall into this mess, no wonder marriages become boring and stale.

Master was upset at first, but I’ve been very attentive to His needs and demands this week. Part I of my punishment was a spanking with a large metal spatula, a wooden spoon, and His hand two days ago while the plug was in my ass and although he has forgiven me it was made clear the punishment was not over, there would be more forthcoming for me to understand that contractual duties are not to be dismissed whenever one party is not present.

Part II – While out to Dinner, He had me wear a velvet choker, to address him as Master out in public tonight and comply to any demand without hesitation. When He asked me to expose my nipples while sitting at a booth inside a bar/restaurant, I did as told. I don’t think it may have been but a minute or two, but this went on periodically during the night much to the amusement of some male patrons sitting at the Bar and a very quizzical beautiful bartender. She glanced my way often not sure what to make of our situation, I smiled warmly back not to arouse any suspicion that anything was amiss. Master pointed his finger down for me to slip my nips out, and up when he thought it was time to be covered without missing a beat in our conversation or meal. While I admit I am an exhibitionist and this also sexually excited me, I also knew Master had a reason for this and He was the only one going to receive gratification tonight and well deserved. I must admit, I was permitted to have a glass of wine, so I don’t know if it was that that made my face flush or my knowing my pussy was getting very hot and wet.


Once We got in the car, Master told me to remove my shirt for the ride home and hike my skirt up to reveal my pussy. I did as told and he was quiet till we arrived at the apartment with a few pinches and tweaks of my nipples at every red light or stop sign.


Once we arrived at the apartment, He said, “These are mine and this is mine” as he pinched my nips once again, and cupped his hand over my vagina. “Yes Master”. He unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car, I put my cami shirt back on, he came over and opened my door and held his hand to help me out of the car and we proceeded up the stairs. Once outside our door I knelt and thanked Master for our evening and his forgiveness. He again said all has been forgiven, and told me to get inside and prepare for an end to the evening. As old as we are getting, this man can still give me butterflies in my stomach and shivers down my spine.

Final Thoughts – Lesson Learned, I am back on track, and will be diligent in my choice of servitude and how I want to live my marriage while not only in his presence but in his absence as well. If for any reason there is a contradiction to our contractual agreement, I will be honest and forthcoming with my husband/Master my thoughts and feelings as to changes in my life in any way that we may need to alter or suspend our agreement for any length of time. It is otherwise unfair to Master or myself to expect anything less than full compliance and honesty to our shared belief in our lifestyle if things are left unsaid.

Reboot to my Submission

Sir gave me a reprieve to focus on myself today to kickstart my submissive self and went to visit our sick family member.

I started the day off correctly getting Sirs shower ready, clothing prepared, taking care of his sexual needs, breakfast ready and on the table timely, and out the door he went with a smile. This to me is all I want in our marriage, It gives me so much warmth and satisfaction to please him.

I quickly cleaned up, put some laundry in the washer and went for a walk. I’ve neglected taking care of myself physically, but the fresh air felt good, cleared my mind, and i managed 2.5 miles!

I returned back to the apartment, did some stretching exercises with a yoga mat and blocks that were tucked away in a closet. My muscles are stiff, getting older does that, but hopefully my muscle memory hasn’t forgotten and won’t punish me sorely. Sir has decided Maintenance will be daily until he leaves to put my mindset back to where it should be, both will be a reminder of just how out of shape I really am, ugh.

I quickly took a hot shower, prepared myself by Sirs instruction today to be nude, collar on, buttplug inserted, and nipple clamps to be worn 10 minutes per every hour while researching the project of revisions for our contract. Knowing my body, Sir may be surprised how responsive I may be when he returns back later this afternoon, my pussy is already wet with anticipation. 

My Safe Space

I’ve been out of town a few months now, except for a brief return for the Xmas holidays, to be near a sick family member and to help whenever possible. Sir has been able to extend his visits as much as his work schedule will allow for his absence.  We rented a very small one bedroom efficiency apartment to give us some much needed privacy, I crave Our Normalcy, however crazy that may be to some.
I have never given much thought to how many live a D/s lifestyle apart and manage to maintain that dynamic. I miss the physical touch, the direction, the correction, the discipline, everything I took for granted within our relationship. It may sound silly, but just the sound of the key in the door as I wait in position on the other side to offer him his wine and remove his clothing to welcome his cock in my mouth if he so chooses, these are the daily things my mind and body aches for.
When Sir manages to visit, I am so grateful for the escape into our private world to release all those pent up emotions, to be rid of any expectations from others and to allow myself to focus on me, my marriage, my husband, my Submission.
The first thing I welcome is a good old fashioned maintenance spanking to bring me to my space to release those feelings, to be held and comforted, and to weep in Sirs arms till I fall asleep, because it is then I know I am safe and he is there to take care of me. 


Let the weekend begin

Sir is spending today, Saturday, and tonight with his GF. He told me this will give me the opportunity to catch up on my blogging since I have chose to neglect it for the last few weeks.

So onto our weekend, I woke up Saturday to the aroma of coffee perking the old fashioned way on the gas stovetop. It’s been awhile since we have enjoyed our coffee this way, we use the easy way, Keurig, at home. On the table sat a Black box with a Red bow, a gift for me! Sir thought it was appropriate to celebrate the renewal of our Agreement.

We sat on the porch sipping our coffee, me with my new collar, and he asked me if I was happy with how things are. I am, I have no argument or changes I would like to make nor do I want to delete any item, but I certainly wouldn’t mind additional Maintenance Spankings. Preferably daily would keep my behavior in check is my first thought, but Sir said that was too much for now, so we agreed to our regular Sunday and an additional on Wednesday. He said although I do tend to be bratty and forgetful at times, I am a good girl and he has no complaints in regard to my service to him and my sexual submission.

He thought though since I was not as focused on daily scheduled activity, perhaps if he installed cams temporarily throughout the majority of the rooms to our home, as a means to check on my progress and well being it would help. We have one in the bedroom for years, for security reasons but use it also as a play tool.  I told him I would consider it, at first I was a bit offended thinking he needed to more or less babysit me. After much discussion and thought that camera’s would be on me 24/7, it brings the exhibitionist out of me and I find myself getting turned on a little. I told him we could try it on a trial basis, if I felt uncomfortable in any way, he agreed we would remove them.

He smiled and said it would keep him turned on at work also seeing me strutting around naked all day. That thought got me going, I knelt next to him and lay my head on his thigh saying I could perform for him at any given time during the day and he could replay the video. He agreed that would be nice and he started to get erect. I continued with his morning BJ, afterwards we made a small breakfast and showered.

He decided he was going to go fishing in the lake at the end of the property. He also decided I was going to accompany him in a bit of bondage and thigh high fishnets, the fun was about to begin. The property is secluded so I didn’t really see an issue with it, but I brought a long sweater in the happenstance it was chilly at night, I thought if someone came along I would just wrap myself up in it. So off we went down to the lake, my pussy was exposed to the elements and I was worried about insects, mostly mosquitoes, certainly didn’t want to be scratching that region all weekend. He sat me on a wooden bench after laying a blanket on it for my comfort, tying my feet together, although he left my arms and hands free just on the chance i needed my sweater.


After a bit of fishing, Sir found a switch, picked me up and bent me over the bench and we had an intense spanking session alternating his hand and the switch. My sitting would be more of an issue than any damn mosquito bite!  He untied my feet and helped me up to go inside, he washed up and spread me on the bed cuffing me to the bedposts, blindfolded me, asking if I was ok, I was sore but ok. He brushed my hair off my face with his hands, wiped my mascara off my cheeks, kissed my lips and then I heard him leave. After awhile he returned and the familiar sound of a vibrator hummed through the air before he held it to my clit while shoving a rather large glass dildo up my pussy. I orgasmed immediately and he continued till I was crying and begging him to please stop. He uncuffed me, flipped me over with the dildo still in my pussy, lubed my ass, and in he went. He thrust rather quickly spurting his second load of the day in my asshole.

Afterwards I lay in his arms, and we fell asleep for a short nap. This day was only half over.

Setting Goals – Exercise

I have always been one to keep my body in the best physical shape it could possibly be, lately aging has considerably dampened my fitness lifestyle. With aging comes a whole realm of issues, number one on my list is pain, and not the good kind. My body aches daily from the stresses I once put it through. I cannot even begin to explain how some days it is an effort just to get out of bed in the morning. Number two, Muscle Loss. My muscles and strength is deteriorating!

Sir leaves me a chores list to get me moving everyday and insists I walk an hour a day weather permitting. Last night he put my Pole back up in the spare room upstairs. I was at one time damn good at whipping my body upside down, I was obsessed with anything to have my body aerial. Sir decided he is going to get my feet back up in the air, but when you haven’t worked out in a long time, it will take a bit of work and dedication. He gave me 2 weeks to hold my body weight up on the pole, and that does not mean a simple climb and sit. That much I can still do, Thankfully! If I do not practice and achieve 20 seconds I am looking at a Punishment, so I am thinking 20 seconds is not all that bad, right?

Internet Service Dude….con’t

After Sir had me serve the Internet Service Guy his large glass of white wine, Sir told me to kneel hands up on my knees ready to serve them both when required. We already knew I was not into other men, nor did he want me to be, however I am an exhibitionist and promised him discretely I would go with his demands.

Sir and Internet guy, NKA Internet Dude, talked DD and my servitude to Sir was in no way to serve him (Internet Dude) unless Sir directed me to. While they also talked mindless job shit, pensions, and retirement, I knelt quietly sticking my hard erect nipples out for display, head and eyes down.

Sir pointed to their wine glasses which were nearly empty,  I immediately retrieved them and refilled, bowing before each men, and serving their glass. Internet Dude asked Sir if I was actually his slave, Sir stated I Was Not, it was a mutual decision that I submit to him as my husband. Sir also invited Internet Dude to witness my punishment but he was not to partake in it under any circumstance, my punishment was for opening the door to allow a stranger into our home without Sir’s implicit instruction.

I was told to fetch the belt and ask for my discipline. Internet Dude’s eyes widened when I returned with Sir’s leather belt, knelt and presented it to Sir. I asked Sir to please spank me for my indiscretions. Sir told me to go to the wall, spread my legs, bend at my waist, my arms outstretched, facing the wall with my palms flat on it as I presented my Ass to him, Master’s Property still firmly in my butthole. He told me to count to 25, no warmup, full force. I braced myself for the first strike, it hurt hard. One Sir, Thank you. The next strike, Two Sir, Thank you. Sir told me not to loose that buttplug or I would receive an additional 25 spanks, By the time we got to Ten I was already a crying mess and cringing with every hit. I still had 15 more to go. I felt myself go numb, the only way I could endure this punishment. I yelled Yellow at 20, i needed to take a moment and breathe, Sir rubbed and caressed my ass, my muscles ached badly holding onto that buttplug tightly. My ass was already red from my previous spanking, now swollen, bruised  and welted. He asked if i wanted to continue, Yes Sir, please. Only five more, they were fast and furious. I collapsed into his arms, he held me tight as i sobbed and clung to him.

Internet Dude was gone, Sir said he quietly left when I yelled Yellow with a big cum filled wet-spot in his pants.