Being Happy

Saturday evening on our getaway weekend was not full of kink, but intimate lovemaking. It started out just a quiet evening, candles lit, bbq, wine, and talking. He said he was relieved I told him I was happy this morning, he said how much he loved me and how I fulfill him in a way no-one else could. He said if i told him I was unhappy, we could stop our D/s relationship if that was what I wanted and needed. I reassured him I am where I wanted to be and if he remembered correctly, I introduced this into our lives. We ended up cuddling, touching, and just reconnecting in a way we haven’t been lately, it was just romantic and nice.

I lay in his arms after our lovemaking and thought how amazed I am at the stamina Sir has, lets face it we’ve been together many years and we aren’t getting any younger. His sexual desires are that of a young man, it’s very rare he doesn’t have some kind of daily sexual activity with me, but he also is sexually active outside our marriage.

I wondered about this other woman, curious as he never speaks of their relationship. I have spoke to her on the phone, but other than that I have not had any interaction with her. His demeanor is changed these days, perhaps he has feelings for her. I didn’t want to bring it up on our weekend, but I would like to meet her if she agrees to it.

I fell asleep soon after snuggled in his arms.


Sunday Maintenance

Tonight Sir and I grabbed a light dinner, it’s our monthly shopping at Costco. Yea I know, mundane chores, but we must Eat to keep up our strength up for all the sex. Besides I wanted to hear details on his date last night. I already knew she is the same age as our youngest child, long black wavy hair, spanish/italian european heritage with big brown eyes, large full breasts. He is taken with her, that much I can gather. All he said was he had a wonderful evening, let’s leave it at that. Hmmmm…..

I know when he is ready to share he will, he is not the kind of person who will relate intimate details, and for that I respect him. He does radiate a glow about him today I have not seen in awhile and said he will see her again soon, that’s about all the detail I was getting this evening.

When we returned home, he said to prepare for Maintenance and pick an implement of my own choosing. I’ve never been asked this before, so I chose a paddle that doesn’t hurt all that much. I stripped and knelt at his knees, he told me to rub cream onto his feet. I hurried and got the cream, and massaged each foot just as the salon does, rubbing, massaging, rubbing.

When done he told me to kiss and massage his balls. I positioned myself to do so using my tongue just the way he likes it. He stroked my hair at first then told me to lay across the arm of the couch, ass up, legs spread wide. He retrieved the paddle i picked but also a heavy wooden spatula. He told me because I was good, the paddle was appropriate for 50 hits on my ass, but because I went lenient on myself, the spatula was an additional 50.

Well, by the time I counted 100 spanks, my ass was red and raw. I thanked Sir in-between every hit and told him i loved him. I then knelt before him, hands behind my back worshipping his cock for a long while. He exploded in the back of my throat that I didn’t need to swallow, his cum just shot and pulsated down. I licked his aftercum and stroked his cock and balls until he was dry.

He told me to go to bed, he had one phone call to make before he joined me, i assume a goodnight to his new GF.

Sirs Date Night

We have a polymorous relationship, I encourage Sir to date. He has never been monogamous from early on in our marriage which caused me stress and heartache at the time. After much soul searching and counceling on my insecurities, I knew I loved him, this is who he is, I was not going to change him, and I didn’t want a divorce. This was before I realized and accepted my own bisexuality, opening up our marriage was just Sir’s good fortune, lol.

I still cannot determine his type, there is no rhyme or reason, younger or older, thinner or plumper, race is unimportant, he just enjoys being with women. In my suspicions I think his ultimate preference is Redheads, although he says all women need attention and loving.

He doesn’t date as much as he used to, things have slowed down more as we have gotten older. Yesterday I had an event I needed to attend and was not home when Sir left for his date. I knew from him it would be a dinner in the city with someone he’s been talking with for awhile, he met her while working although not a colleague of his. She is aware he is married and is intrigued I let my husband date, which I confirmed with her it was totally acceptable.

When I arrived home, a dozen red roses for me were on the dining table with a note, “Don’t wait up, I love you”. Of course I stayed up as long as possible before succumbing to sleep. I awoke early this morning to him climbing in bed next to me pulling me close to him. I nuzzled into his embrace, he smelt of sex and the faint smell of perfume. I closed my eyes and drifted back to sleep.