Summer Days~Lost Submission

We are mid July, the days are going by fast. D/s has been on the back burner, the grandkids have been in and out these past two weeks, beach days, BBQ’s, and family.

I am totally exhausted by days end, but Sir has been very gracious giving me a reprieve, although I have been able to sneak into the bathroom in the early morning for Sirs morning blowjob and a bit of delicious protein for myself! I begged for my Maintenance this afternoon, lol, I NEED it, the last of the children went home today until next week. I crave my submission, servitude, and tight schedule. I sit here finally relaxing and catching up on my life in general. Sir said when he returns home tonight we will return to what we consider normal, His wine glass is waiting as am I.

Tomorrow is getting this chaotic home in order, it’s amazing what children can do in less than an hour to disrupt an organized household never-less a few weeks!